Welcome to the Salma & Kafeel Medical Center

By the grace of Almighty Allah, Salma & Kafeel Medical Centre has become one of the best hospitals in Islamabad. It was founded by Dr. Salma Kafeel, after returning to Pakistan on obtaining her fellowship from the United Kingdom. Her vision was to bring quality Gynecology and Obstetrics services, culminating in the form of a private clinic in Islamabad. Dr. Kafeel identified a large gap in the provision of services to infertile couples. This led to a dedicated venture by Dr. Salma and Dr. Kafeel that assisted reproductive techniques, which was the first of its kind in Pakistan at that time. This makes SKMC the pioneers in infertility services.

There is no universal formula for starting a medical practice. It might be worth your while to hire a professional consultant who has started medical practices before and is aware of the potential pitfalls. After all, the details of starting up will vary from specialty to specialty. A professional will understand the variables and help you plan accordingly. Some new practices might need to hire contractors to outfit their new offices, while others might find an available turnkey location. Overall, many common items must be on your checklist when building your practice from the ground up.

PAK Health Consultants has set up a full-fledged 50 bedded hospital named Salma Kafeel Medical Services from planning to civil works, medical gases installation, HVAC, interior designing, equipment & resource placement to operationalizing the facility for smooth functioning of operations.

To help you prepare for things to go smoothly as possible, spoke with PHC to create an outline of the steps you’ll need to keep in mind. Of course, when the rubber meets the road, we recommend consulting with professionals who have gone through the process before and have a proven track record of success.