Infrastructure, Project Design, Management and Implementation

Project Design, Management and Implementation

The future of the healthcare industry in Pakistan needs a continued strong demand for construction of healthcare facilities, including construction of completely new or replacement facilities as well as projects involving major additions and modernization. Pak Health Consultants provides solutions to all the emerging challenges through innovative ideas and expert opinion needed to choose the best out of multiple options. 

The annual value of healthcare construction projects will see an upward trend in the immediate years ahead owing to various factors. Our dedicated team critically looks into the analytics and determines the most feasible options for project executions, such as opening up of the insurance sector, privatization initiatives etc. Therefore planning and design will continue to merit prime emphasis among several responsibilities of hospital officials. Because of the changing character of facilities and continuing increase in their complexity, Pak Health Consultants ensures that planning and design assume greater importance than ever before. 

In order to achieve the targets, we formalize a team of planners, architects, builders, hospital executives, board members, medical staff representatives, and others who possess responsibility for undertaking hospital construction projects and have basic understanding of the planning process and of appropriate concepts regarding hospital and related healthcare facility design objectives.

We generally divide the hospital planning, design and construction process in three distinct phases:

  • At the outset, we define and plan the hospital project itself, including the project request, strategic plan, facilities need assessment, specific program and concept design.
  • Next, we prepare the schematic design followed by its development, construction, documentation and securing a building permit.
  • The third phase covers bidding, construction licensing, and evaluation.

Medical Planning, construction and operations

Since hospitals provide a wide range of services and comprise many functional units, they are the most complex of building types and you cannot anticipate fulfilling all the requirements on your own. At Pak Health Consultants, our team would ensure to monitor and supervise during the entire construction and designing of your healthcare facilities, along with proper. 

Our project specialists ensure that hospitals have all necessary diagnostic and treatment functions, such as clinical laboratories, imaging, emergency & surgery rooms, hospitality functions, such as food service and housekeeping; and inpatient care or bed-related functions. Good hospital design integrates functional requirements with the human needs of its varied users. This need for diverse functions is reflected in the breadth and specificity of regulations, codes, and oversight that govern hospital construction and operations. Each of the wide-ranging and constantly evolving functions of a hospital, including highly complicated mechanical, electrical, and telecommunications systems, requires specialized knowledge and expertise. 

Pak Health Consultants ensures 24/7 comprehensive access to its expert opinion and recommendations. Our hospital design is influenced by site restraints and opportunities, climate, surrounding facilities, budget, and available technology. The outcome of data evaluation by our professionals and the consequent decision making ensures that all hospitals have certain common attributes, regardless of their location, size or budget because of the following conditions:

1. Medical Headhunters – Covering Multiple Divisions

Firstly, our team of architects and designers provide an efficient hospital layout that should promote staff efficiency by minimizing distance of necessary travel between frequently used spaces, allow visual supervision of patients, provide an efficient logistics system for supplies and food (and removal of waste); make efficient use of multi-purpose spaces and consolidate spaces when possible.

2. Flexibility and Expandability

Medical needs and modes of treatment will continue to evolve with the passage of time Therefore, we Pak Health Consultants promote a modular concepts of space planning and layout, use generic room sizes and plans as much as possible; use modular, easily accessed, and easily modified mechanical & electrical systems and be open-ended, with well-planned directions for future expansion.

3. Therapeutic Environment

The basic intent behind efforts to establish an efficient world-class healthcare centre by our consultants is to ensure that patients and visitors should perceive it as unthreatening, comfortable, and stress-free. Pak Health interior designer plays a major role in this effort to create a therapeutic environment by using cheerful and varied colors & textures, by allowing ample natural light wherever feasible, by providing views of the outdoors from every patient bed, and by designing a “way-finding” process into every environment.

4. Cleanliness and Sanitation

Hospitals must be easy to clean and maintain. Pak Health Consultants once again facilitates medical and healthcare centres through provision of appropriate, durable finishes for each functional space; careful detailing of features as door frames, casework, and finish transitions to avoid dirt-catching & hard-to-clean crevices plus joints as well as adequate and appropriately located housekeeping spaces.

5. Wheelchair Accessibility

Our team evaluates all areas regarding any hospital or healthcare facility, both inside and out, so that they comply with all standards and minimum requirements of the Disability Act. Thereby, we ensure that grades within any medical facility are flat enough to allow easy movement as well as sidewalks and corridors are wide enough for two wheelchairs to pass easily.

6. Security and Safety

Hospitals have several security concerns that need to be taken care of, such as protection of patients and staff, hospital property and assets (including drugs), and also vulnerability to terrorism because of high visibility. We, at Pak Health Consultants, ensure the execution of all essential security protocols, keeping in view all the highlighted factors.

7. Sustainability

Hospitals are large public buildings that have a significant impact on the environment and economy of the surrounding community. They are heavy users of energy and water as well as produce large amounts of waste. Resultantly,  Pak Health Consultants takes severe measures to ensure the implementation of sustainable designs for building any healthcare facility.

Diagnostic Equipment, Disposable & Consumable Requirement And Supplies Arrangement

Medical supplies, drugs and equipment have a significant impact on the quality of patient care and account for a high proportion of healthcare costs. Pak Health Consultants make informed choices about what to buy in order to meet priority health needs and avoid wasting limited resources for a particular healthcare client.

A wide variety of technologies and tools are involved in the diagnostic process, but our primary focus is on health information technology (health IT) tools. Health IT covers a broad range of technologies used in health care, including electronic health records (EHRs), clinical decision support, patient engagement tools, computerized provider order entry, laboratory and medical imaging information systems, health information exchanges, and medical devices. Health IT plays key roles in various aspects of the diagnostic process such as capturing information about a patient that informs the diagnostic process, including the clinical history and interview, physical exam & diagnostic testing results, shaping a clinician’s workflow & decision making in the diagnostic process as well as facilitating information exchange.

Our health IT tools support diagnostic team members and tasks in the diagnostic process and reflect human-centered design principles. Health IT Tools have improved diagnosis and reduce diagnostic errors at Pak Health Consultants. As a result, Pak Health Consultants selects supplies and equipment which are technically suitable, compatible with existing equipment, spare parts & consumables as well as after sales services are available along with trained staff.

A standard list of standardized medical supplies and equipment, based on the type of preventive care, diagnostic tests and treatments is used. Standard lists assist in making appropriate choices of medical supplies and equipment, which helps to improve patient treatment and care as well as usage of resources and management. Standard lists improve patient treatment and care at Pak Health Consultants by:

  • Identifying the priority supplies & equipment needed to prevent and treat common health problems as well as ensuring that these priority items are available in health facilities.
  • Promoting standardized use of medical supplies and equipment in treatment, providing the basis for standard clinical procedures and training for health workers.

Set-up and Upgradation of Laboratories

There is a broad consensus among patients and service providers that health systems need broader access to appropriate diagnostic tools. Globally, commercial entities have developed diagnostics to identify the presence and cause of disease as well as to determine a treatment course. Investment in diagnostic technologies has increased the supply and sophistication of diagnostic technologies, including the ability to differentiate between diseases that present with similar symptoms, identify the presence of latent infectious agents, and provide practical low-cost monitoring for treatment efficacy and disease recurrence.

We seek to ensure that at a strategic level, suppliers are fully aligned to our customer requirements. Our responsibilities include the management of supplier selection, tender processes and negotiations to implement new contracts or service provision. We also identify, manage and mitigate risks that arise through relationships with suppliers and service providers and communicate risks to relevant facilities.

The Lab Setup Option Include License or upgrade applications, proficiency testing, evaluation of qualification for the personnel involved with handling the equipment and making related suggestions, enrollment of personnel in the desired course if required, compilation of general laboratory policy and procedure manual, quality assessment plans, guidance with regard to safety policy and inspection processes.

Whether on-site, or by phone, fax or email, Pak Healthcare Consultants ongoing lab consulting provides you with a choice of monthly, bi-monthly, quarterly, or six-month review of all quality control, quality assessment, calibration, maintenance, proficiency testing, and personnel records.

The ongoing consulting option includes monthly review of quality control, monthly review of quality assessment plan, schedule for performance of calibration and calibration verification, review of proficiency testing with remedial action as warranted, notification for renewal of licenses, assistance with validation studies and testing, patient population reference range verification and annual reviews. 

The intent behind these regular assessments is to uproot all the loopholes and ensure smooth transition of the hospital environment with continuous upgradation and installation of the latest technology. No need to have any doubts with respect to these evaluations as your hospital administration would always be made a part of the decision making process and nothing would be executed without your prior consent.  

Based on our years of experience, you can now set a higher goal for your organization. We will provide services over the entire spectrum concerning healthcare, coupled with fresh ideas, trustable knowledge and valid outcomes. We would execute your goal based on exactly what you demand. 

The result of our efforts would be the provision of best services to patients so that they find their comfort zone during their treatment in the intensive care. No need to wait any further as our team awaits your call and starts their consultancy with immediate effect!