Medical Sales Specialist

Job Descriptions of Medical Sales Representative
Medical representative’s job is to promote and sell their company’s products/services, whether that’s a pharmaceutical drugs or equipment or any other services offered. The medical representative will increase product/service awareness, answer queries, provide advice and introduce new products/services.
Key responsibilities include:
• Visit healthcare facilities to give them awareness about products/services offered.
• Managing organizational sales by developing a business plan that covers sales and revenues
• Track sales goals and reporting results as necessary
• Understand our ideal customers and how they relate to our products/services
• Organize sales visits
• Identifying and establishing new business
• Maintaining accurate records
• Negotiating contracts
• Demonstrating or presenting products to healthcare facilities
• Undertaking relevant research to identify potential needs of health care facilities
• Attending and organizing trade exhibitions, conferences and meetings
Key Skills Required
• Commercial awareness
• Sales skills
• Maturity
• Confidence
• Patience
• Strong interpersonal and communication skills
• Organizational skills