Inventory Management

The amount of profit a business generates is largely based on how well inventory is managed, from purchasing, inventory control, warehouse management, dispensing to finally the post sales activities, such as customer service and return management. Today’s multi-channel marketplace compounds this issue by arising the need to get the  right product at the right place. It becomes crucial for businesses to ensure the availability of inventory within a strict deadline, due to heightened customer’s expectations. 

Inventory optimization processes have become a critical requirement for organizations, especially medical & healthcare ones, due to increase in customer’s demand, expanding product portfolios and lengthening supply chains. Business entities nowadays have the daunting task of watching out for unique inventory management challenges within their supply chain that are caused by poor inventory management.

How Can We Help?

We Pak Health Consultants play a pivotal role in effective inventory management for our clients. We enable our clients to free up capital, avoid pilferage issues, boost service levels and free up time so that their employees focus on value adding tasks. We at Pak Health Consultants analyze inventory management challenges faced by our clients and provide them with proposed solutions in order to help them shift their primary focus on their core areas of health care. We make them further realize the significance of effective inventory management which not only keeps track of what enters and exits their business but also allow them to prevent challenges by transforming them into opportunities.

What Do We Offer?

Minimizing Product Turnover

Our team of analysts are just one step away from critically looking into all the problems resulting in a low product turnover and rectifying it through expert resolution.

No Excessive Inventory

Our experts keep a check on the manufacturing of our clients’ products, goods or services so as to avoid overstocking, for that would simply lower the worth of their assets.

Identifying Demand Patterns

We help our clients to maintain a balanced inventory by facilitating in building up a connection between demand and supply of their healthcare center.

Maintaining Code of Conduct

We maintain a healthy relationship with our clients by establishing a comprehensive code of conduct alongside detailed training of their employees so that everyone is aware of his/her responsibilities.