Practice Evaluation

A practice evaluation is a systematic assessment of the work performed by a particular individual or group in the fields of health or social services, such as a therapist or group of doctors and nurses at a medical practice. The goals include to improve the quality and safety of a practitioner’s work, further his/her training or to investigate a complaint. The process may involve reviewing a staff member’s charts and comparing his/her treatment outcomes to those of peers. The staff member is further put through a simulation, such as a mock consultation with a patient and judged by his/ her peers on the ability to provide care and to follow best practices.

How Do We Help?

As evaluation is an essential part of quality improvement and we at Pak Health Consultants do it well to help solve problems, inform decision making and build knowledge of our clients. While evaluation comes in many shapes and sizes, our team of experts does it to develop a deeper understanding of which methods to incorporate in order to improve health care.

What Do We Offer?

Better & Informed Decisions

Our experts highlight the issues faced by our clients and once rectified, their future decisions will be based on experience gained from past mistakes, thereby improving its efficiency.

Promoting Transparency and Accountability

We ensure to train our client’s employees in a way that each one of them should consider them responsible for all the actions and decisions taken for the interest of the company. 

Future Planning, Assessment and Decision Making

We enable our clients to properly plan for the future by training our client’s employees accordingly as well as plan for skill upgradation, assessment and further amplify their decision making capacity.

Improved Efforts & Evidence-based Approach

We help our clients to choose the best course of action for improved employee practical training & accountability by judging and correcting their results owing to their actions.