Mr Anees-Ud-Din

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Senior Consultant


Have experience of more than 40 years in Hospitals planning Equipment’s Selection Evaluation & Operation, while serving in senior positions in the Medical Departments of the worlds leading multinationals e.g. :-

  • Siemens Medical solutions as Deputy General Manager and as the Advisor on the Health
  • Projects execution more than 30 years.
  • Philips Medical Systems as General Manager for 3 years.
  • GE Health Care as General Manager for 2 years.
  • Obtained specific Trainings on Hospitals consultancy with Hospitalia International a joint venture of siemens and Philips for Hospital planning and execution on the Turn Key Health projects.

Received intensive trainings on Equipment planning with siemens A.G Germany covering various departments of the Hospitals including:-

Trainings Received:-

  • On cardiac systems I was trained by Siemens Elema Sweden.
  • On sterilization equipments I got training with MMM of Germany and SES of UK.
  • On modular operation theaters I was trained by Maquet Germany
  • For Endoscopy systems I got training in Wulf Germany
  • For dental systems I got training in Siemens Sirona.
  • For Necular Medical systems I was trained in Siemens Holland.
  • Trained on hospital turnkey projects by Hospitallia International when it was Part of Siemens A.G including Equipment Planning.
  • For imaging systems I attended various training courses in Siemens A.G Germany in Different disciplines and also with Philips.
  • In monitoring systems I got training in both hard wire systems and wireless systems with Siemens, GE, Philips and FUKUDA Denshi of Japan.
  • For anesthesia and ventilations systems I got trained with Siemens and Stephen of Germany including High frequency Ventilation for neonates.
  • Got sufficient knowledge on Mobile Field Hospitals based on Inflatable Tents and Containers from reputed manufacturer from Czech Republic, and also with INKA of Germany.
  • On modular operation theaters, I got training in Weiss Klimia Technique in Germany.


  • Imaging systems covering X-rays (both) Digital & Analog systems including, CT Scanners, MRI systems, Gamma cameras & Pet scanners including Colour Doppler’s in 3D & 4D technologies.
  • Invasive and non-invasive cardiac and Neuro – Angio systems, Angio plasty, Echo cardiography and EEG systems.
  • Cardiac/Coronary and cerebral monitoring systems with single and multichannel monitoring facilities.
  • Planning and equipping of oncology and radiation therapy departments including linear accelerators, cobalt x-ray and Caesium therapy systems with radiation planning based on CT and X-Ray simulation techniques.
  • Physiotherapy and Hydrotherapy departments including athletic endurance tests and the latest systems on electrotherapy, ultrasound therapy, shock-wave therapy, magneto therapy, and stimulation currents.
  • Operation Theatres planning & Equipping for Routine & specialized surgical interventions including high sophisticated modular operation theatres with controlled contamination through positive pressure techniques with pressure chambers specifically for orthopedic & burn surgeries.
  • Negative pressure isolation chambers to deal with the highly infected diseases including transportation of infected patients due to armed conflicts.
  • Low priced decontamination with or with out positive pressure system based on UV radiation
  • Equipping & designing of pediatric care departments including pediatric surgeries and paeds intensive care in controlled environments & pediatric hygiene and neonatal ventilation.
  • Dental equipment including state of the art dental surgeries & prosthetic treatments including decontamination procedures in dental treatment.
  • Central sterilization including TSSU and sub sterilization equipment with high temperature & pressure autoclaves and low temperature & pressure sterilization for the heat sensitive materials including chemical Decontamination and Ethylene oxide and formaldehyde sterilization.
  • Hospital Laundry with washing & decontamination facilities.
  • Automatic Floor cleaning equipment with decontamination materials.
  • Hospital waste management including incineration of solid waste, special melting and decontamination chambers for the plastic waste including disposable syringes, burning &destroying of hypodermic needless. Management of contaminated hospital waste & human body parts Sterilization of contaminated waste for burying in the dumping grounds. Management of Heavy metals available in the hospital waste.
  • Designing & equipping of prefabricated hospitals with double walled insulated panels and reinforced ceiling for the operation lights.
  • Tentage field hospitals with special hygienic systems including positive pressure tents for surgical procedures.
  • Containers based field hospitals with special hygienic systems.
  • Radiation and chemical base hygiene for clean environments and clean drinking water.
  • NON-Invasive aesthetic line for body contouring, weight reduction, muscle buildup, from BTL Aesthetic of UK.
  • Laser systems from Quanta System Italy for hair removal, skin resurfacing, and other dermatological disorders.
  • Non invasive treatment of urinary incontinence based on HIFEM (High Frequency Focused Electro-Magnetic Field) technology.
  • Sate of art exercise systems involving neuro rehabilitation and physical medicine equipment from USA.
  • 3D motion analysis systems from SIMI of Germany.



Armed Forces Institute of cardiology & National institute for the Heart Diseases, Rawalpindi.

  • Armed Forces institute of Dentistry, Rawalpindi.
  • Armed Forces institute of oncology & Radio-therapy, Rawalpindi.
  • Army Medical Complex, Rawalpindi.
  • POF Hospital Wah cantt.
  • PAEC Hospital Kamra Cantt.
  • HRF Hospital Taxila.


  • Pakistan Institute of Medical Sciences Islamabad.
  • National Institute for Rehabilitation Medicine, Islamabad.
  • Fuji Foundation Medical centre Rawalpindi.
  • Hayatabad Hospital Complex Peshawar.
  • Khyber Teaching Hospital Peshawar.
  • Ayub Hospital complex Abbottabad.
  • Sheikh Khalifa Bin Zayed Hospital Quetta.
  • Prefabricated Neuro-Surgical Block Muzaffarabad.
  • Container based Mobile field Hospital at Quetta under German KFW Grant.
  • Children Hospital Quetta under KFW Grant.
  • Tentage Hospital at Muzaffarabad AJK after Earth Quake from EGO Zlin of Czech Republic.
  • Holy Family Hospital Rawalpindi.


  • KFW funded projects
  • Projects under Asian Development bank
  • Projects under Islamic Development Bank.
  • Projects under OPEC funded Loan etc.