Outsourcing Payroll Management & Employee Assessment

Payroll management is one of the most daunting and challenging tasks for organizations of any scale, as it includes the management of employees’ salaries and other financial reports. As an organization, pressure involved in managing payroll processing, handling and tracking paid time off, and managing payroll tax filing is often quite overwhelming. However, with the help of a good reputable payroll management company, they can manage all these overwhelming routine tasks effortlessly.

Tied with payroll management, one of the crucial aspects for organizations is the employee assessment. It is the process of performance appraisal or evaluation of each employee in a company while focusing on his/her performance as well as to help them improve and enhance his/her skill set. The overall process requires a balance between recognition, criticism, and praise. Employees are the backbone of an organization and their overall performance can highly impact its success in a longer run. That’s why it’s highly crucial that organizations must constantly assess your employee’s performance and measure improvements. With an accurately planned and well-executed employee assessment, organizations can successfully measure the performance of their employees to make necessary improvements for their prosperity.

How Can We Help?

At Pak Healthcare Consultants (PHC), we help businesses maintain the highest standards of payroll management through a variety of solutions. Our team of payroll professionals makes sure that our clients follow the best and timely payroll processing, payroll management and payroll tax services for them. We cater to all employee categories and can provide advice on all types of issues, including handling maternity, sick leave, and pension issues. 

To help our client’s employees reach their potential, our team of experts carries out a thorough diagnosis of current procedures and processes. After careful assessment, we present a tailored solution while working with them to develop a blended custom-made training plan, tailored exactly for our client’s goals and values.

What Do We Offer?

Offering Critical Evaluation & Constructive Feedback

Our critical evaluation process helps our client’s employees to find their strengths and work on their weaknesses. Furthermore, enabling our clients to give constructive feedback to their employees and help them to set realistic goals so as to improve their skills and performance.

Providing Meaningful Insight

We help our clients by providing them with meaningful insight into how well their employees are progressing and contributing with their skills as well as what difficulties they are facing at the workplace.

Reducing Skill-gap & Turnover Rates

We enable our clients to find out the skill gap that is affecting their success as an organization and help them to fill the gap with required training or inductions. Furthermore, we allow them to reduce turnover rates by promoting healthy communication and engagement within their workplace environment.

Developing Employee Assessment Processes

By developing our client’s employee assessment processes to be more streamlined, consistent, and therefore more effective, we allow them to ensure a meaningful working environment with equal chances for growth.