Deep Cleaning / Refurbishment services

Deep Cleaning / Refurbishment services

Hospital cleanliness is a vital ingredient in the fight against healthcare associated infections. It is also important in its own right. Patients have the right to expect to be cared for in an environment that is clean and fit for purpose. Staff have the right to work in an environment that allows them to care for their patients safely and efficiently.

Hospitals are huge buildings and contain large number of people. Many of these people are unwell, and this makes it tough to conduct a deep cleaning and hospital hygiene levels within such strict standards. If these high standards do decline and there is an outbreak, an infection can become a severe burden on the hospital and administrative staff. In the case of an outbreak the wards in hospitals, they could stop access to wards for new patients which could restrict the number of patients that a hospital can care for. Deep cleaning is also a complicated process and needs to avoid causing a lot of disturbance to members of staff and patients.

Deep cleaning is essential to hospitals to keep the risk of infections spreading at a minimum. You need to consult with your cleaning company to set out a strategic plan. This will make sure that your chosen cleaning specialists will have an efficient approach when it comes to carrying out the deep clean to prevent common infections spreading. PHC aims to combat outbreaks of common infections by acting quickly and efficiently to sanitize different hospital areas.

Talk to team of our experts for taking a brief consultation on how deep cleaning/refurbishment services would help you to maintain hygiene levels and improve patient experience score.