Pak Healthcare Consultants (PHC), provides a single window operation across the entire value chain of setting up and running healthcare facilities in Pakistan. This includes design, financial planning, construction, sourcing, commissioning of equipment, hiring human resource, training and operationalizing facilities.With over a decade of experience, the team of senior healthcare consultants have the technical depth, relevant background and understanding of domestic challenges to provide specialized project management services to their clients. Our team has a track record of setting up multiple healthcare facilities, rendering operational improvement, counseling specialist-led group practices, hospitals and niche driven healthcare facilities.

Our Vision

Co-create a platform where best practice comes together to deliever highly specialized and humain-centric healthcare facilities in Pakistan.

Our Mission

Provide business advisory & technical expertise to small & medium-size business to achieve their aspirations of establishing or upgrading financially sustainable & operationally efficient healthcare facilities.

Our Approach

Each and every client comes to us with their own unique strengths and areas in need of improvement. This is why one of the first conversations you will have with our PHC team will revolve around what your business needs to thrive. Whether you are a medical practice, a medical corporation or an ambulatory surgery center, our comprehensively knowledgeable medical consultants will recommend how best to achieve your goals.

What To Expect

It all starts with a complimentary consultation. Whether you visit our office, schedule a call or meet up with us at a healthcare industry event throughout the year, we connect you with the PHC consultant who can best meet your needs. Some of our clients consult us for a single project, such as the development of a website or ASC. Others choose retainer agreements and work with us on an on-going basis.

What We Offer

PHC facilitates high levels of financial and operational performance. It does so, across all areas of managing healthcare facilities